From Stargate: Ancient Legacy - A Stargate PBEM RPG/SIM

Listed below are general and frequently asked questions. Most of this information is contained in more detail in the Rules and Regs page.

This page is quick reference about some of the hotter topics.

If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, please contact
Stargate Ancient Legacy Management (
and we will answer your question generally within 48 hours.

Where is your forum? We do not have one. Being a PBEM RPG, and not a PBP, we use Yahoo Groups to archive our posts.

What is PBEM or PBP? Play by Email (PBEM) and Play by Post (PBP); they refer to the way the RPGs are played.

How old do I have to be to join? We take all players 17 or older. Please do not apply if you are younger than 17.

Can I choose my rank? No. You rank is assigned by SGAL management, and is determined by whether you say your character is enlisted or an officer in your character application. Most officers will start as 2nd Lieutenant or equivalent entry level rank, civilians as S-1, and enlisted people as the "E-5" US military paygrade (OR-5 NATO Code). If you want your enlisted person to start at a lower rank, usually all you have to do is ask. Higher enlisted ranks will be given on a case-by-case basis.

How do I get promoted? After each mission, your CO will submit team members they feel are worthy of commendation or promotion. Characters will not receive more than one promotion per year.

How do I become a CO or XO? Quite simply, it's earned. We're looking for players who not only abide by the rules but go the extra mile in making the game more fun for their whole team. Also, seniority is part of the decision making process. The longer you've been in the game, the more consideration you will receive.

Can I have an alien character? Depends. We'll review each application on a case by case basis and let you know. If you're introducing a new alien race, please include detailed information about the new race. (Please reference one of the allies in the 'allies' section of the site to see what information we are looking for.

Do I have to play a US Military character? Absolutely not. We accept all races and nationality in players and characters. You're free to choose any nationality and military or civilian service for your character. Just keep in mind that the bios must include why they were recruited for the Stargate program.

My friend told me about this game, can I be on his/her team? If there is room, you or your friend can email SGAL Management, and we will put you on the team.

What is the current time frame in the game? Currently, Gemini is set in mid 2013, the SGC is considered current day. This places us well beyond the SG-1 and Atlantis canon. The goa'uld system lords have been defeated, leaving only some minor goa'uld running about causing trouble. The Ori have been completely defeated; as such, they will not show up in our storylines at all anymore. Atlantis is also not in Pegasus or the Milky Way, and we will likely not be hearing from the Wraith anymore.

Are there any guidelines I have to follow while playing my character? YES! We expect all military characters to adhere to the guidelines presented in the Military Primer. Failure to adhere to these rules can have your character be removed from the game.

You have this Military Primer linked in a lot of places around the site, why? Because it's important and we expect people to read it.

Can I play two characters on the same team? Though there have been exceptions made in the past, we normally do not allow a single player to play two characters on the same team. The /only/ time players will be allowed to take up more than one character on a team is if there is a need. And even then, /only/ well established players (in the game for over a year in good posting standing) will be considered. Even with this, it is only a temporary measure and will not be allowed for more than a mission or two [a six to eight month period].

What is this 'Gemini' you have listed? What happened to Atlantis? Atlantis is still fine. We have pushed our story past the canon timelines (we're in the year 2013 currently). As such, Atlantis went to Earth, just like it did at the end of Season 5. However, when Atlantis went to return to the Pegasus galaxy, someone sabotaged the hyperdrive (and yes, we already know who, so don't be having your character 'figure out who it was'), and we went wildly off course and landed in the Gemini galaxy. Our hyperdrive and long-range communication were sabotaged, and we do not have the parts necessary to fix it. We are literally cut off from Earth and they have no idea where we are.

But I wanted to put my character on Atlantis! Are you saying I can't? That is not what we said at all. Keep in mind that Atlantis is a huge ship. A lot of people can fit on it. If you want to play on Atlantis, your character will have been on Atlantis during the attempted jump to the Pegasus galaxy. There will be no 'arrival' posts with your character coming from Earth.