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Listed below are general and frequently asked questions regarding the Gemini Galaxy.

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What is the Stargate: Gemini? Stargate Gemini is a wholly original galaxy design to breathe new life into the Stargate Ancient Legacy RPG. With no current Stargate programs on the air, we felt it was the perfect time to expand our own horizons since we are no longer constrained by new TV content. The galaxy, worlds, peoples and characters are shaped by all the members of the Gemini teams and is intended to be a collective effort of ideas and imagination.

What is the basic premise of Stargate: Gemini? Four years after Atlantis landed on earth (Enemy at the Gate), a new Atlantis expedition intended to return the city to the Pegasus galaxy using the newly repaired wormhole drive to resume the fight against the Wraith. In addition, earth has developed a new wormhole drive ship, the Lemuria, that was intended to journey to the distant Gemini galaxy to explore the worlds there and open negotiations with the advanced species of that galaxy.

Shortly before the trip began, however, Atlantis' wormhole drive was sabotaged and it was the city that ended up in the Gemini galaxy, leaving behind Earth and the Lemuria. The resulting sabotage caused the city to crash land on a primitive planet, damaging most of the key systems for propulsion and defense.

Not long after the crash, it was learned their arrival in Gemini was not an accident and was orchestrated by a powerful species who had encountered the Ancients before and coveted their technology. Despite an internal power struggle between Atlantis' leaders, the city was able to band together to repair the city's hyperdrive and cloaking systems to move and hide the city on a world unknown to the enemy, but the trip, once again, burned out the heavily damaged hyperdrive, leaving them stranded there.

The goal of the expedition now is to find technology to repair the city, find allies to fight their new foe and survive long enough to return to Pegasus to complete their original mission.

Can I get a bit more detail on the background on Stargate: Gemini? Sure. We have an archive of the story-posts located here: Gemini Backstory. Note that this does not include any mission posts, only the more important story posts that explain what is going on.

Can't people just gate home? No. One of the things damaged in the crash was the master control crystal, thus making it impossible to dial outside of the Gemini Galaxy. In addition, while Atlantis was able to contact the SGC initial through a system of communication buoys, those buoys were destroyed shortly after the city was moved, thus making communication with the SGC impossible.

Why doesn't the SGC send ships to rescue them? Ships using a conventional hyper drive, as shown in the show, would take over a year to reach the Gemini Galaxy if they flew without stopping. This would likely damage the hyperdrive, so it's more likely it would take closer to a year and half to two years. (Gemini is 90 million light years from earth and it was a two week trip to make the journey to Pegasus which is 3 million light years away). In addition to this, it is not feasible to send more than one or two ships as sending more would leave earth defenseless against enemy attack. One or two ships would be greatly outmatched by the enemies in the Gemini Galaxy.

Lastly, the location of the city in the Gemini Galaxy was not communicated to the SGC for security reasons. There was already one enemy spy located on the city that damaged the wormhole drive, it is unknown if the SGC is infiltrated and if that information would be secure.

How far is the Gemini Galaxy? The Gemini Galaxy is 90 million light years from the Milky Way Galaxy and 87 million light years from the Pegasus Galaxy.

That seems like a long way away. Is it? Not really. The Milky Way galaxy is actually 100,000 to 120,000 light years in diameter. In the grand scheme, it's not that far. Keep in mind, the observable universe (that we can see from Earth) is about 93 BILLION light years across. The estimated size of the known universe is even larger. While it is generally assumed to be infinite, scientific estimates say it is no less than 180 billion light years across.

And yes, we know the original Stargate movie said Abydos was 'on the other side of the known universe'. The show has discarded this statement, and Abydos is now in the Milky Way, not another galaxy.

What role does the Lemuria play? None yet, but there are plans to bring it into play at some point in the future.

How will new characters be introduced? Since no new earth humans can arrive at this time, any new earth human characters will be assume to have been on the city during the initial expedition. Various reasons for their late introduction can be made including, but not limited to, injuries sustained in the initial crash, transfer from city personnel to field teams due to need, changes in military / civilian status or they are residents of the Gemini Galaxy itself.

I see several people being a member of the Atlantean Armed Forces. What is this, and how can I join? The Atlantean Armed Forces was formed by Tami Glover, the leader of the Atlantis expedition. Once created, it was immediately handed over to the new Military CO, Victoria Hart, who was then promoted to a Major General in the Atlantean Armed Forces. It was an attempt to do a few things:

  1. To give alien militaries "equal rights."
  2. To 'normalize ranks'. Then there is no question of rank... USAF 1st Lieutenant, a Royal Air Force Flying Officer, a Royal Danish Army Premierløjtnant, and a US Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade, for example, would all be listed as a 1st Lieutenant in the AAF, leaving no doubt for who is the highest rank. This also applies for enlisted personnel, meaning a US Army Sergeant, a USAF Staff Sergeant, and a US Navy Petty Officer Second Class would all be listed as a "Sergeant"
  3. To give characters "promotions." Although these 'promotions' will mean NOTHING back on Earth, (if contact is ever re-established, you will be referred to by your old rank, which will be designated in your bio as "Original Rank"). Contact with Earth will not mean that the AAF will be abolished. It's just the equivalent of being given a "Civilian Rank". When and if characters are returned to earth, characters will be given promotions in their respective militaries deserving of their service in the Gemini Galaxy, but this will not be influenced by their AAF rank.

If you wish your character to be considered a "Military Character" by the Atlantis command, they MUST be a member of the AAF. Civilians with proper training (FBI, CIA or equivalent foreign training) CAN become members of the AAF, but this must be discussed with a GM either at time of creation for the AAF, or BEFORE you submit your bio.

Why is being a Military character important? For most players, the designation likely is one of semantics. However, if your character is not a member of the AAF and was a member of a military prior to joining the Atlantis expedition, they will no longer be called by their military rank. This is because, as stated above, your character will not be considered military. It is also important if you ever want your character to be CO/XO. While one of the command characters CAN be a civilian, the other MUST be military. That is why it's important that your military character to join the AAF. It is also why it's important for your character from an alien military to join the AAF.

I'd really like to get caught up on the back-story. Is this possible? Yes, actually. While we don't have the details of the missions outlined, we can direct you to the main plot posts. Click here to view them.