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Listed below are guidelines and general information for Stargate Ancient Legacy. Whether you are an existing player or someone looking to apply, this should be your first stop. Any person wanting to apply to Stargate Ancient Legacy should read this page before sending an application. Any application that does not follow these guidelines will be rejected and need to be resubmitted in its entirety before it will be processed.

If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, please contact
Stargate Ancient Legacy Management (
and we will answer your question generally within 48 hours.

When you've read the rules, feel free to apply to join.

Things you Should Know:

This section is dedicated to general knowledge you need to have before you apply to this game.
Please read this section carefully as it is strictly enforced.

Age Limit: The first thing you need to know about this game is that it is open to players 17 years or older. If you are younger than 17, please do not submit an application as it will be rejected immediately. If an applicant or current player is found to be under 17 and they have lied on their application, they will be immediately removed from the game without any warning.

RPG Rating: The rating of this RPG is R. In other words, if you cannot get in to see an R rated movie, you cannot get into this RPG. Some of the content included in the posts is not appropriate for anyone under this age. This should not be interpreted to mean that anything goes. Nothing X-Rated should be posted, and if it is borderline, please have a warning to start the post. Borderline includes but is not limited to, written nudity, graphic violence, steamy love scenes and graphic language.

Post Monitoring: This applies to the previous two rules. As the GM, I will be watching posts to make sure they remain appropriate for the age limit and rating, however, I am only one person so the Assistant GMs and your Commanding Officer will be watching as well.

Chain of Command: Seeing as how the show this RPG was originally based on (Stargate SG-1) was centered around a military installation, a military chain of command style should be familiar to most of its fans. This RPG adheres to a similar structure in the way that it's run.

GM: Vince
Assistant GM: Teresa
Your team's commanding officer (CO)
Your team's second-in-command (XO)
Your character's superiors (determined by military / civilian rank)

All teams in Stargate Ancient Legacy can consist of civilian and military members. On Atlantis, civilians can serve as a CO or XO, but a member of the military will serve in the other command role. At the SGC, both command officers must be in the military.

Character Rules:

If you're still reading, you're probably wondering what you need to know before you create a character for this RPG. This section should be read to assist you in that character creation process and avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of your application.

Character Originality: We only accept characters which you have created (meaning no characters from the show). This is because many people have different ideas on what should be done with their favorite canon character after the show ended. While we do have several characters from the show listed as NPCs, they are generally only available to fill in for rescue missions. If you have questions about them, please be sure to ask the GMs if it's alright to use them.

Military Primer: We cannot stress how important it is that you at least understand the basics of how the military is run before making a character. Please read the primer before you create a character. The primer can be found here.

Military Rank: In all cases rank for military characters will be assigned by the management staff. In almost all cases new military officers will be assigned as 2nd Lieutenants (US Army, USAF, USMC), Ensigns (Navy) or equivalent (Non-US military). Enlisted will start out with the rank of Staff Sergeant (USAF), Sergeant (US Army, USMC), Petty Officer 2nd Class (US Navy) or their equivalent (Non-US Military). If you are unsure about the equivalent, ask us before submitting an application if it is important. While there are exceptions where a player may start at a higher rank, no new player will be assigned to a squad where they outrank an existing player. The obvious exception to this is a starting officer being placed on a team where a more senior player is playing an enlisted character. A player with a shorter tenure in the game, however, can be promoted over a more senior member if it is deemed appropriate by the Team's CO.

Do NOT assume that you are 'one of the few cases' that allow your character to higher rank than listed. If you have an idea that requires your character to be of higher rank, ASK US before putting it in his background. Any character whose background gives them a higher military rank than listed, that part of the background will automatically be rejected, REGARDLESS of how long the character has been in the military.

Civilians: While civilians do not hold military rank, they usually make up for it in more advanced schooling and degrees. While we encourage players to create their characters with a strong educational background (on the premise the best of the best will be chosen for assignment), please keep in mind that some things are physically and mentally improbable. For example, there are not many 22 year olds who hold a PhD in Astrophysics. The following chart is a guideline for assigning degrees. Deviations that are within reason will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • Bachelor's of Arts or Science (BA, BS) - 3 to 5 years
  • Masters of Arts or Science (MA, MS) - 1.5 to 4 years after BA or BS in that field
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - 2 to 4 years after MA or MS in that field.

Squad Assignment: Just like with rank, RPG management will assign you to a squad. The decision will be based on several criteria including, but not limited to:

  1. Which teams have openings - Look under the field teams section of the website to see which squads are open.
  2. The character's job or field of expertise versus the team's needs - If the team is a diplomatic team, it will probably have more than one diplomat and not as many weapons specialists and a medical team will probably have more than one medic or doctor and probably no more than one computer specialist.
  3. The rank/seniority of the existing members of the team

Becoming a CO or XO: On Atlantis, all characters, whether civilian or military are eligible for command positions, so any player can earn their way up to these roles. And they key word there is earn. These positions are not given to anyone. They are earned by players who stick to the rules, encourage team play and make the game more fun for the players around them. Team members who meet these characteristics are considered by senority for XO positions. All command positions with the SGC must be military personnel. All COs are taken from existing XOs.

Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 Main Characters: The Stargate: SG-1 and Atlantis characters are considered NPCs. Do not attempt to apply to play one of these characters. With the exception of Colonel Carter or General Landry, you may include them in your posts as long as it is appropriate, and there is no need for approval of their use. The interaction will be subject to the same monitoring rules as above.

While General Landry is also an NPC, he is what is referred to as a "GM NPC" or a "protected NPC"; this means his interactions in posts must be approved by the GM (or an Asst. GM if the GM is on LOA). Landry and Glover (a GM character, not NPC) must be included in all of their respective mission briefings. (This means that all mission briefing posts must be approved by the GM.)

Character Limits: All new players are allowed one character to start. There are NO exceptions. After a period of time (usually a minimum of 6 months), if a player has a traditional character (see explanation of character classes above) and has adhered to all posting guidelines, they may request to create a second character for a squad other than the one where his/her current character serves.

Please note that we have the right to reject any application for a second character, for any reason we see fit. Second characters are MUCH harder to get than a first character.

Posting Rules:

This section deals with the posting guidelines of this RPG. Adherence to these rules is a big determining factor in promotion, offers of command and approval of more than one character.

Posting Frequency: Each month is divided up into two "Posting Blocks". The first Block is from the 1st - 14th, and the second is from the 15th - End of the Month. Everyone is required to have one post per posting block.

All posts must adhere to the rest of the guidelines below to count for that block. That being said, this is a game and the players and management in this game will understand if something in real life comes up. If you will be away for an extended period of time, please let your CO or XO know ahead of time so we know to write around your character. If you so choose, you may also give temporary custody of the character to another player with management approval.

Players who are not on a leave of absence are expected to keep up with the posting requirements. Any player requesting a LOA for longer than one month will be removed from their assigned team and placed on base, pending a discussion with the team's CO/XO. Upon their return, the player will be assigned to a team, though no guarantee can be made to place the player on his/her original team.

Missed Posts: Any player that misses 2 blocks in a 2 month period without requesting a LOA will be considered under watch, and a formal warning will be issued to the player. After 3 missed blocks, the player will be removed from the team unless extenuating circumstances exist. (New players will be given a little extra leeway for the first month in an effort to help them get settled.)

Also, if a player habitually does not meet their posting requirements, the player will be issued a formal warning by his/her team CO or XO and be subject to removal from his/her team if the pattern of posting does not improve.

A player is free to return to the game (if space permits) after being removed once for not meeting the posting requirements. If the player is removed a second time for any reason, that player will not be permitted to return.

These measures are taken to ensure that the game remains active and is both fun and fair to those who meet the posting requirements. If there is any reason you cannot post, please contact your CO and XO to request an LOA and avoid this disciplinary process.

Posting Length: Each post should be a minimum of 300 words. This does not include snips from other players' posts, signatures, or OOC messages. For JPs, this requirement will be multiplied by the number of players participating in the post (2 players: 600 words, 3 players: 900 words, etc.). Also, please keep in mind that the longer a post is, the harder it is for others to remain interested in the post and involved in the storyline. Players should try to refrain from posts longer than 2,500 words per character involved.

Joint Posts: Joint posts are encouraged during missions. That being said, no one is required to do them. You are welcome to post only single posts while you are a part of this game. However, if you do not participate in team posts, do not get upset if the team always works around you. Remember - team posts are the team's way of trying to include everyone. Keep in mind, however, that if you do not add at least 200 words to a joint post, the people you are posting with have the right not to count the post as one you posted in. This is done to ensure fairness for everyone.

Use of Other Characters: A couple of guidelines for posts that contain actions or dialogue from more than one character. If the impact is minimal (i.e. the other character acknowledges an order or says something benign) then no approval is required. However, if the dialogue or actions expresses any emotions, beliefs or if the character is used extensively, one of two things must happen. Either the post must be sent to the character's player for approval or the two players must collaborate on a JP. Any posts that do not adhere to this guideline will be pulled and ignored.

Please keep in mind that while a character marked "NPC" can be used by anyone, those marked "GM" must get GM approval before their use.

Snips: Small pieces of a previous post (no more than 4 sentences) may be placed in a post as a snip. These snips must be identified and credited to the original post.

-- snip from "Always Bad News" --
Hart turned to the camp. "Peters, Pratt, Foley, with me. And if I see a cigarette, Pratt, I'm gonna kick your ass back to earth the long way!"
-- end snip --

Required Post Elements: All posts must contain the following elements:

  1. A subject heading including the squad or squads for which the post is intended, a title, and the last name of all characters that participated in the post.
    Attn Team: Title (Surnames / of those / involved)
    Attn Alpha: Always Bad News (Hart / Grant)
  2. Moderate advancement of the squad's storyline. All posts during a mission should focus on that mission.
  3. Character signature. Character signatures should contain three elements and be placed at the end of every post for all characters involved in the post. It should include the character's name, rank/seniority, team, and position/job. These may be in any order.
    Major Jennifer Grant
    CO, Combat Specialist
    Alpha Team
  4. The post MUST focus on your character. Posting for an NPC will NOT count towards your posting requirement.

Leave of Absence: Players who will be unable to meet the posting requirements for any length of time should request an LOA from their CO. This allows the player to retain their place on their team while they are away.
Requirements to have an approved LOA are as follows:

  1. Contact your CO and XO.
  2. Include the term 'LOA' in the subject.
  3. Give an estimated amount of time you will be unable to post. Please be as specific as possible.
  4. Request MUST by made by no later than three days prior to the end of the current posting block if being made for the current block.
  5. A post MUST be made on your team's OOC board letting the team as a whole know you will be gone.

If you post in the middle of your LOA, you are no longer considered to be on LOA and must meet your posting requirements for the remainder of your LOA.

Questions: If you have any questions not covered here in these guidelines, don't hesitate to contact the Ancient Legacy Management.

We look forward to you joining us and hope you have fun!